Other Industrial Ultrasonic Applications

Food & Beverage, Agricultural, Brewery & Wine Industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Waste Water Industry, Mining


  • Liquid/Solid Extraction
  • De-gassing of liquids
  • Defoaming
  • Temporary viscosity reduction
  • Homogenization, mixing and dispersion
  • Emulsification
  • Enhanced Crystallization
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Wine barrel cleaning
  • Anti-fouling & cleaning of surfaces
  • Particle size reduction, nano technology
  • Industrial Washing & De-contamination Processes
  • Enhanced Liquid/Solid Separation
  • Enhanced mass transfer liquid to solid
  • Waste water treatment: removal of sulphates and heavy metals, clarification of liquid/solid suspensions, enhanced anaerobic digestion processes
  • Powder Sieving
  • De-clogging of powders in tanks/hoppers/cones/flumes/pipes


Consultancy: development of industrial applications utilizing ultrasonic technology, research & development, design of commercial scale systems and customer IP development

Ultrasonic Equipment

  • Laboratory ultrasonic equipment
  • Pilot scale ultrasonic equipment
  • Commercial scale ultrasonic equipment